50% OFF Holiday Deal

Exclusive For Our Users

Holiday is more fun when it is shared with friends, so is Memobird. Since you enjoy yours, why not give one to your friends. Memobird could be the coolest gift idea for this holiday season!


Exclusive holiday is only offered to our Memobird users, you can buy Memobird, any color of your choice, at  50% OFF! 

You don’t have to do anything, the Device ID of your Memobird is your 50% OFF discount code.

  • Each Memobird has its unique device ID
  • Each Device ID can be used for up to two Memobird Devices or/and Bundles

How to claim this deal? 

Just place an order on the official site mymemobird.com, and apply the discount code (Device ID) at check out as shown below.


Where to find the Device ID of my Memobird?

Firmly press the front button of your Memobird twice to print out the Memobird Diagnostic Report. From the report, you can easily find your Device ID.

 Happy Holidays and have A LOT OF fun with your Memobird!!