The Complete Guide to Buying Memobird Printer & Messenger

MEMOBIRD portable printer & paper messenger is a relatively new and unique printer because of its pocket size, ink-free, and connected through Wi-Fi where you can print wirelessly from your phone or your other devices.
If you're considering to buy Memobird printer and looking for a Memobird review, this article can give you some insights from what you can print with Memobird, how to use Memobird as a printer and paper messenger, Memobird daily maintenance, what to consider before buying Memobird, and where to buy Memobird.


What to consider before you buy

There are 2 versions of Memobird on the market which are North America version and China version. 
To find out which one is more suitable for you, here's how to tell the difference between those 2 versions.
Memobird North America version has 1-year warranty and 30 days refund policy.

What you can print with MEMOBIRD North America Version

You can print both typed text and handwritten text, and adjust the font style & size, make it bold, arrange the alignment, and even rotate the text to print it vertically.


Photos & pictures
You can add a filter to adjust its contrast and brightness, crop it, add some doodles, and also rotate it.
print-photos-with-Memobird   Print-photos-with-doodle-Memobird


Doodle & drawing
When you draw within MyMemobird app, you can adjust your stroke thickness, undo the stroke, and erase it, until you’re done with your doodle.


Stickers & various emoticon characters
 print-emoticons  print-stickers


QR Codes
You can generate, print, and read QR codes that contain text or URL.

print-QR-codes-Memobird  QR-codes-Memobird

Web contents
You can add a filter to adjust its contrast and brightness, crop it, add some doodles, and also rotate it.

print-from-web  print-from-web


Combination of the contents above
You can combine all the contents above into one printing. For example, you can print web content, then add your text to it.



How do you print with MEMOBIRD North America Version

You can print from phones, PC, and tablets in seconds
To find out whether your device is compatible or not, check this Memobird compatibility.



You can print wirelessly and remotely
Since Memobird is connected through a Wi-Fi connection, you can print from your phone when you’re in Seattle, then your Memobird in the New York will print it at a real time. Just make sure that your Memobird is plugged into the chord at all time, then no matter where you are, your Memobird will be ready to print or receive your messages whenever you use it.



You can print wirelessly without the internet or Wi-Fi connection


Memobird has 2 printing modes which are Cloud Mode and Local Mode. In Local Mode, Memobird will work as a Wi-Fi hotspot, once you're connected to Memobird you'll be able to print even when you're not connected to the internet.
To find out more about the difference between Cloud Mode and Local Mode, check this article.
Here's a step-by-step guide to print in local mode.


You can print the same content over and over again
Within the MyMemobird app, you can see the printing history that you can edit and print again. The app will keep the last 31 printed notes.
If you haven’t finished creating your content, it will be saved in the memo draft.

Memobird-printing-history  print-again-Memobird

Your friends and family can also print using your Memobird too.
Although every Memobird device can only be bounded to one phone number, one Memobird can be used by more than one users. Check this article for more detail how to share Memobird with your friends and family.


How do you send & receive paper messages with MEMOBIRD North America Version

You can send & receive paper messages remotely in real time.
You even can make the messages more personalized by removing the Memobird logo and add your text signature to every message you send.



MEMOBIRD North America Version maintenance

Easy maintenance, you just need to refill the paper
After you complete one-time installation, simply keep it being plugged into the chord. If you want to bring Memobird with you, you can just plug it into a power bank.
Since MEMOBIRD doesn’t need ink. You just need to refill the paper. Here are the size and type of paper.


Where to buy MEMOBIRD North America Version

BUY MEMOBIRD North America Version