Cooking Hacks: No More Messy Cook with MEMOBIRD Thermal Printer


Technology is rapidly changing the way we live our everyday lives. Now you can see your recipes anywhere you go, snap a photo of your signature dish, share your recipe with friends easily, or create a shopping list on your phone. Instead of using paperback cookbooks, using online recipes seems to be a more convenient choice. By browsing through cooking apps or cooking websites, you can find new recipes instantly. Unlike paperback cookbooks, online recipes are also easily stored. They don’t take any physical space and are weightless. You can bring and read your recipe collections anywhere, anytime you want. If you travel a lot, online recipes are a better option than a paperback cookbook. Moreover, you can also find your favorite recipes quickly and share them with your friends.

Yet, reading a recipe with a tablet/phone while cooking can be challenging. In fact, cooking in the kitchen can be a messy cook sometimes. When cooking with a tablet/phone, you may be concerned about its battery life, screen time-out, and the risk of spilling or splashing anything onto your tablet. You also cannot see the whole recipe clearly within one full screen, and you need to scroll up/down and zoom in/out to navigate through the recipe. It’s even more challenging when your hands are covered with wet ingredients. Those drawbacks diminish the benefit of online recipes. Although online recipes are really convenient for storage and sharing, the actual experience may be less than convenient.

But, hang on, there is a way to save you from a messy cook. With these cooking hacks, no need to put your tablet at risk and getting frustrated with page navigation, you can print out your online recipes into a waterproof memo with a Memobird thermal printer and messenger. Now, if I can just print my recipe, why would I use Memobird thermal printer instead of other printers? There are several reasons why Memobird is better than other normal printers. First, Memobird prints on a waterproof thermal paper. So, you don’t need to worry about splashing any liquid ingredients on it and smudging the recipe. Also, thermal paper is very cheap and does not need any ink, so it won’t cost you much to print the online recipe each time you cook. Secondly, Memobird thermal printer can print your recipe in a small memo that you can stick or put in any corner of your kitchen, whatever spot that you can see conveniently. You can stick it to your fridge, put it on the table, or even onto the wall if you have a small kitchen.


Thirdly, you can see your whole recipe in one memo. No need to scroll up or down with one glance you can see your whole recipe.

How to print your online recipes with Memobird thermal printer

1. Choose the online recipe you want to print.


2. Copy and paste the cooking instruction into Memobird app then Preview it.

select-the-part-to-copy   paste-the-part-into-mymemobird-app

3. After checking the preview, tap Print.


With these cooking hacks, now you can cook your online recipes without having to worry about ruining your phone or tablet or being frustrated navigating through your online recipe while you cook. Just print it out with Memobird thermal printer, and say goodbye to messy cook.