Dating Tips: Show Your Love to Your Sweetheart with Message Trail


To keep the spark of a long-term relationship takes commitment and effort. Sometimes you need to be creative and do something out of your normal routine. The good news is we’ve got for you dating tips to show your love to your sweetheart with what we called a secret message trail. On these dating tips, you need to create a trail made up of several spots/places. The spots/places may be places that have a special meaning for both of you. For each spot/place, you can prepare something that can make her happy and show your love to her. It can be your confession of love, a spa package for her to enjoy, or something else she will love. To lead her to follow the trail, you can leave a paper message in every spot so that she can find her way to the next spot.

What makes it different when you use a Memobird messenger and printer is instead of leaving a message that everyone can read, you can leave a secret QR code message that can only be read by your sweetheart using the Memobird app. Your privacy will be kept safe there, Dude.

The end of the trail will be the main event where you’ll wait for her. Therefore, she needs to follow the whole trail to eventually find you! At the end of the trail, you can spend a beautiful night together. Sounds like a pretty good plan, huh? Then, let’s get started to make it happen.

Preparation before the big day

  1. Check her schedule to find her free time and ask her to spend time with you on that day. You can make a one full-day surprise or a half-day surprise.
  2. Write down a list of spots/places that have special meaning for both of you, her favorite places, or any places that you think can make her happy.
  3. Think of a surprise you’re going to put in every spot. It may be the confession of your love for her, a small fun challenge for her, a salon & spa package for her to enjoy, or something else.
  4. Create a route to link all those spots/places into one possible journey. If you have time, it would be better for you trying to walk through the route to see if it will work well as you expected.
  5. Contact places that require prior reservations such as restaurants, salons, or spas.
  6. Prepare all the necessary QR codes for each location. Here’s how to print secret messages with Memobird QR code.
    1. Type the message and generate the QR code

              create-QR-code  type-the-secret-message

          b. Tap Preview, then tap Print

              preview-the-QR-code   print-the-QR-code

  1. Be prepared for any possible situation that may interrupt your plan, including bad weather.

On the big day

  1. Make sure that your sweetheart already has the Memobird app on her phone, because the Memobird app is needed to read the QR code message.

          scan-to-see-the-message   reading-QR-code-message

  1. Come early to every spot to stick/hand over the secret message to someone that will pass the message to your sweetheart, and set up other necessary preparations for the surprise.
  2. Be ready to meet your sweetheart at the end of the trail, and enjoy your beautiful moment with her.