Don't Give These Taboo Gifts to Your International Friends

Every culture has their own values and beliefs, so when you want to give gifts to your international friends or business partners you might want to avoid giving gifts that are considered taboo by them. So, here's the list of taboo gifts around the world.

Knives, Scissors, Letter Openers, or anything sharp

Meaning: cutting off the relationship
To: Most countries

Clocks, Watches

Silver Linked Bracelet Silver and Black Round Chronograph Watch
Meaning: paying the last respect at someone's death
To: East Asia, including China

Green Hat

Meaning: your loved ones is being unfaithful to you
To: China


Meaning: associated with sadness or funerals; to give a pain to their heart
To: Italy, Brazil, Thailand

Shoes, Straw Sandals

black, casual, classic
Meaning: to give a bad spirit/evil; to break up and go separate way
To: China


Image result for handkerchiefs hd
Meaning: associated with sadness, funerals, or break up
To: Most countries


abstract, bright, colorful
Meaning: to break up/end the relationship
To: China


Wine or other liquors

Grey and White Label Bottle
Meaning: forbidden in Islam, it's considered harmful to their bodies
To: Muslim countries


delicious, dew, food
Meaning: to depart or go away
To: China


Meaning: associated with suffering and pain or separation
To: Japan, Thailand

Be careful with numbers for set gifts

4 is bad luck for East Asia, while 8 is considered a lucky number.
13 is bad luck for many countries.

Be careful with colors for your wrapping

color, colorful, colour
Japanese don't wrap their gifts in white paper because white and black colors represent death. Find out more about the meaning of colors from around the world here