FAMILY ART CRAFT IDEA: Grow Your Family Tree of Memories

Family Tree of Memories Wall Art

What is Family Tree of Memories

The years go by so fast! Every day we’re making memories with our family and friends. How many times have you scrolled thru photos on your phone, remembering all the little moments that make your family special? Instead of just letting those beautiful moments pass by (and stay only in your phone), you can transform those cherished moments into wall art that you can enjoy and share all year long. Just print them out!
Your Family Tree of Memories can include not only photos, but thoughts, funny quotes, everything that makes your family unique.  Simply print them on leaf-shaped paper to stick to your tree wall art. Not only is it great for mom or dad, but a fantastic family activity to do together!
Let’s get started!

Creating a Tree of Memories

1. Choose the wall

choose the wall

Find a wall in your home that has a big surface to accommodate the tree of memories as it grows. You’ll be surprised how big its going to get – your family is pretty fantastic!


2. Get a big tree wall sticker

tree wall art

Looking for inspiration, you can buy one here


3. Prepare your colorful leaves

paper leaves

Cut out your leaves using colorful paper or sticky notes. Try changing the leaf color or shape based on season, for example, use yellow and orange during fall, or pink and red in the spring. Or simply coordinate it with your existing home décor.
You don't have to create all your leaves for one whole year at once, spread the fun out all year long and add to your collection as a fun rainy-day arts and crafts activity with the kids. You can be as creative as you want too, create any shape to put on the tree, such as butterflies (how adorable in a little girl’s room!), flowers, or even a teddy bear (in a nursery) or race cars in a boy’s room!
TIP: Save time by printing out the leaves with a Memobird small printer. Just use your phone to print the leaves, then your kids can color and cut them out.
Get your free printable leave templates for Memobird here.

   Download here

   Download here

   Download here

   Download here

  Download here


4. Write and stick on the leaves

After preparing your leaves, choose special photos, funny quotes, whatever you want to remember and simply stick them on a tree branch.
TIP: Use sticky notes, tape, or removable glue so that it will be easier to remove the leaves from the wall later.


5. Make your tree prettier

You can also add your family photos and stick them to the tree. It can be a great family photo decoration as well.
TIP: You can easily print your photos from phone with Memobird portable printer.
Memobird photo printer
Enjoy your beautiful Family Tree of Memories!




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