Fun Way to Have Your Own Exclusive Messenger for You & Your Besties Only

Fun Way to Have Your Own Exclusive Messenger for You & Your Besties Only

There are many messenger apps out there that can keep you connected with your friends and family, with fun features to help you express yourself like stickers, filters, emojis, and more. We know that of the hundreds of messages you send and receive every day, there are some messages from special people in your life that you’re always eager to check first. Imagine if you can have an exclusive messenger that only be used by you and those special loved ones, and better yet, instead of just being on your phone, the messages are printed!

You can have all of this, and more, with MEMOBIRD a paper messenger & portable printer.


What is Memobird?

Memobird is a portable printer and paper messenger that you can use to print from your phone or other devices and send paper messages in seconds worldwide. Complemented with MyMemobird printer apps for Android & iPhone, you can also print photos, texts, or anything on your phone wirelessly to this small Wi-Fi printer.

How does it work?

Memobird is specially designed to not just merely to work as a printer, but also a private messenger to get you connected with your loved ones. Let's say you just want to use Memobird to keep connected to your closest friends only. Once your besties have been added to your friend list, they'll be able to send you paper messages instantly even if they are in another part of the world. It’s so quick and easy, it feels like they’re right next down even though they’re miles away.

Your friends don’t even need their own Memobird to send you paper messages, just the MyMemobird app (but after they see how amazing private printable messages can be, you KNOW they’ll want one for their own!).

How to setup Memobird as my exclusive messenger?

STEP 1 -  Complete the Memobird setup

After you get your Memobird, download the MyMemobird app. Then, create a Memobird account, bind Memobird to your account, and connect Memobird to your Wi-Fi network. You can follow this step-by-step guide to complete all those steps.

STEP 2 - Ask your besties to download MyMemobird app 

Here's where you can download the app for Android and iOS. 

*The MyMemobird app is currently only available in North America

Scan the QR code below.


Or download it here. 

STEP 3 - Share your Memobird ID to your besties and ask them to add you to their friend list

Here's how to find out your Memobird ID

Here's how to add a friend to the friend list

STEP 4 - Your besties can send you paper messages now!

Here's how to send a paper message

Maybe your besties can try to send you this.


Have fun, get creative and best of all, stay connected!



*The discount may change over time