How to Print Without Internet Using Memobird Portable Printer

How to print without internet with Memobird portable printer
If you're looking for a way to print wirelessly without the internet connection, you've come to the right place. With MEMOBIRD printer you can print from phone, laptop, and tablet in places where there is no internet access. Then, how is that possible? The answer is Memobird has a printing mode called Local Mode that enables it to act as a Wi-Fi hotspot. As a result, once you've been connected to Memobird's Wi-Fi you'll be able to print any content you want.
Let's say you want to print an email using your phone. Before you can print in Local Mode, make sure you have finished the first installation in Quick Start Guide for Cloud Mode, then continue with the installation for Local Mode.


1. Open your email and copy the text. It's because after you're connected to Memobird's Wi-Fi, your phone won't be able to connect the internet.

Copy the text from your email

2. Toggle Memobird switch to Local Mode where you cannot see the cloud icon, then the light will turn to blue.

Memobird Switch

3. Connect to the Memobird's Wi-Fi by entering the printed out password.

4. Open Memobird App, insert the email you want to print, then tap Preview and Print it.

  Memobird_Homepage_png_1_.png  Note_print_1_text.png


That's it! If you want to buy MEMOBIRD printer, you can buy it here.