Shortcut to Print A4 Size PDF File with MEMOBIRD Printer

MEMOBIRD is one of the most versatile printers that enables you to print almost anything with a few simple taps on your smartphone. When you surf the internet to find pictures, or perhaps, free printables to brush up your calligraphy writing, you may download the PDF version of the free printables. Then, how can you print the A4 size PDF file to small Memobird printer? On this article, we'll show you the fastest way to print A4 size PDF file to produce high-quality printing with Memobird printer.

STEP #1: Convert the PDF file into a screenshot

After you download the PDF file, open it with PDF viewer on your phone. Zoom into the part you want to print, then take a screenshot of it. When the part you want to print is in a full screen of your phone, the better the printing quality will be.



STEP #2: Open Memobird app and insert the screenshot

 Memobird_Homepage_png_1_.png    Image_1_insert.png  Note_print_1_image.png


STEP #3: Crop the screenshot to get a better printing quality

When you just insert the screenshot, the printing preview quality doesn't look very good, but after you crop it, you'll get a better printing quality.



Optional Step: Rotate the cut screenshot based on your needs

If you want to print a brush pen worksheet, for instance, it will be better if you rotate it so that you can print it vertically.




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