Use MEMOBIRD Mini Printer to Speed Up Your Study


Research has shown that our brain memorizes better with two things: repetition and visualization. The more often you see it, the easier and faster for you to remember it. For example, can you remember the TV commercial ad that you see repeatedly? Try to compare it with the brochure that you only see one time. Which one can you remember better? That’s the power of repetition. Another thing that can stimulate your memory is visualization. It’s much easier to recall a picture instead of text or sounds.  Remember your last visit to a zoo? Which is easier for you to recall? The name of the animals or the image of the animals? Therefore, combining both repetition and visualization can boost your memory and enhance your speed of learning.

Now, the next question is how can you incorporate picture and repetition into your study? One way is to use the Memobird portable mini printer and messenger. With Memobird you can print any text, handwriting, and picture on different types of paper, including a white paper, colored paper, and sticky notes. To show you how Memobird can help you, let’s say you want to learn Spanish. When learning a new language, you need to build your vocabulary base first before you can move on to the grammar. First, you can list down a group of new Spanish words you want to memorize. It would be better if you start with the most commonly used Spanish words first. After that, use Memobird mini printer to print out those Spanish words into sticky notes.

How to Print Notes with Memobird Mini Printer

1.  Open Memobird App.  Then write a new Spanish word and add a picture that can reflect that word. Then print out that Spanish word. You can print as many words you want to learn.


2.   Stick the vocabulary notes in any corner of your house that you see every day. You can put it in front of your table like this.


Put it on the mirror.


Put it on your door.


Or maybe even your window where you often see it every time you are daydreaming about something...


As a result, you will see the Spanish word with its picture over and over again. Keep the sticky notes there until you remember it. With this effortless technique, you’ll be able to grow your Spanish vocabulary base! You can use this same technique to learn anything. Now, ready to study faster?